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Many patients have heard of dental crowns, but may not know how they are used. Dental crowns are synthetic coverings that are placed over a tooth.

Dental Crowns can be used in a few ways…

Protect a Tooth: Most often, crowns are used to protect a tooth after a restorative procedure, such as a root canal. Dental crowns are also used to restore a chipped or broken tooth to prevent further damage and increase strength.

Cosmetic: Dental crowns can also be used in a cosmetic role to restore appearance to a stained or discolored tooth.

The procedure for a crown is relatively straightforward. Most of the time, a tooth must be reduced in size to accommodate the crown. A cast is made of the tooth and an impression is sent to a lab to create the crown. A temporary crown is applied until the custom-made crown is ready. The permanent dental crown is then cemented in place.

Dental crowns typically last quite a long time, if properly maintained. It is important to be careful of jaw clenching or teeth grinding, which can cause damage to the adhesion or even the crown itself. It is also important to keep the crown and the proximal area clean, which includes flossing, to prevent any debris build up.

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