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A Knocked-Out Tooth

If a tooth has been broken or fractured, it is important to stay calm. The first step is to maintain the integrity of the tooth. If a tooth has been knocked out, make sure to rinse the mouth of any blood or debris. If the tooth is intact, place the tooth gently back in the socket until arriving at the dentist or emergency room. Make sure to handle the tooth by the crown and not by the root. Once the tooth is in the socket, bite gently on a wet piece of cloth or a wet tea bag to hold the tooth in place.

If you are unable to return the tooth to the socket, either place the tooth in between your gum and cheek or place the tooth in a container with a small amount of your saliva or milk and see your dentist right away.

A Broken or Fractured Tooth

If you have broken a tooth, do not attempt to replace the fractured piece of tooth in the socket. Place the piece of tooth in a container of milk or a small amount of your saliva until you can get to your dentist. Ice can be applied to the mouth to decrease bleeding and swelling.

The method of treatment will be dependent on the location of the broken tooth and the severity of the fracture. If the edge of a front tooth was chipped, your dentist may be able to smooth out the uneven surface and replace the section with a tooth-shaped filling.

If you have experienced a knocked out, broken, or fractured tooth, contact Martin Dental in Altoona, WI for a consultation.

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